Trail do Xisto 2015

Trail do Xisto 01

Another year of short distances...

The short distance proofs are at the root of AXtrail such as AXtrail is at the root of the formation of many good national athletes!

It is with pride that we see this and, after the success of the previous edition, this year we launched the Trail do Xisto proof. A proof with 22km of distance, with a route fairly technical, suitable for those who are starting in trail running. However it will not be easy... it will be a very interesting race, also the fruit of the singular tracks between villages and streams that run through the beautiful fauna and flora of Lousã.

With so much choice, there is only one solution .. train and choose one of four races this year:: Mini-trail do Xisto, Trail do Xisto, Trail Serra da Lousã or UTAX!!!

Trail do Xisto

Start: 10:30am on 17th October;
Meeting Point: Praça José Falcão, Miranda do Corvo;
Distance: 22km;
Total Climb: 1100m;
Time Cap: doesn't exist;
Accreditation Office: 16th October, from 10:00am until 12:00pm; 17th October, from 06:30am until 10:30am.

More information soon...