Route TSL 2015

Last Update: 10th September 2015


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Similar to UTAX, the Trail Serra da Lousã also starts in Miranda do Corvo, in the Square José Falcão, where will be installed the entire logistic center of the race. The route is circular and totals 51 km away and 2395 meters of total climb.
Large part of the route follows the same tracks of the biggest proof, and the first 25 km are exactly the same. In both routes, the first village to be visited will be the Gondramaz, allowing athletes enjoy a beautiful single-track, although hard and technical, right in the first kilometers. Arrived in the village is time to move to the sides of Lousã and here the most anticipated moment will undoubtedly be going through the "Amazon", how it’s known that location. The route continues to the Castle of Lousã and natural pools, going up then to the hydroelectric power station. This is where the routes separate and the TSL heads to the Schist Village of Talasnal where back to meet with the course of the biggest proof, to jointly patrol the Schist Village of Casal Novo and the "Terreiro das Bruxas" until the Vila Nova Eolic Park, again in the municipality of Miranda do Corvo. After the Eolic Park the TSL follows alone to the abandoned village of Cadaval and to the sanctuary of Piedade de Tábuas, returning to join the UTAX in Vila Nova, for together run the last 7 kilometers to the finish line in Miranda do Corvo.

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