AXtrail Kids

AxTrail Kids 01

The Future Generation in AXtrail...

Aiming to promote sport and contact with nature in the younger generation and simultaneously to attract new athletes to the sport of trail running, Go Outdoor will bet again on AXtrail Kids proof.

The event is part of the 8th edition of AXtrail®series and of the 4th edition of UTAX.

The sport has benefits recognized in various aspects of development, so we hope to contribute that children acquire habits and healthy lifestyles. Treating the trail running of a Nature Sport, we also intend to educate children to value and respect this good, instilling in them a love of mountain.

Registration will be free and will be open to children between 6 and 16 years old, by sending the permission of their parents. The roof will be divided in 5 echelons / distances:

6 to 7 years old – 500 Mts
8 to 9 years old – 1000 Mts
10 to 11 years old – 1500 Mts
12 to 13 years old – 2000 Mts 
14 to 16 years old – 2500 Mts

Useful Information:
Miranda do Côrvo - 18th October (Sunday);
Distance: depending on age;
Supplies: There will be one last supply.