eco responsibility

Although it is a sport event with a high impact on the territory by the fact that attract hundreds of visitors, we have the notion that we are in a natural environment of high fragility and the imbalance caused in the middle should be minimized to the maximum. Moreover, we want with this event to get to know an area of high natural wealth and raise awareness of its preservation.

The AXtrail/UTAX has like premises:

Don’t leave any sign of passage

  • The route waymarks is made one week after and removed one week after;
  • We use our own tapes, prepared by our team with reflective material, and reused every year;
  • The abandonment of any residue by athletes is punishable under the regulations of the event with immediate disqualification;
  • One cup with 20cl of capacity for use in supply is required, avoiding the use and waste of thousands of cups that even collected by the organization they cause an unpleasant visual impact.

Ground conservation

  • We always try to use existing tracks or recover old tracks promoting their use by local people, recovering a heritage was lost. The fact that this sport is about running on mountain does not cause the erosion that other way of locomotion (bicycle, moto4, etc.) cause;
  • The tracks are marked in order to indicate clearly the way to use, and the noncompliance with the routes may lead to penalization in the classification or even disqualification of athletes.

Environmental friendly sport / reduction of the emission of gases and particles

  • The promotion of non-motorized sports, such as the case of trail running, in constant contact with the mountain and nature, makes known a land of high natural beauty and awareness for their conservation.

Reduction of waste

  • In addition to the drastic reduction of waste produced with the abolition of disposable cups, we intentionally reduced the amount of paper documents that are available to the participants, favouring the contact by internet, or by Newsletter, either by official test site, where we offer all necessary documentation (registrations system, information about the event, Regulation, maps and altimetry profiles, etc.).